In the previous article we've explained how you can increase the price if the demand is high. In this article we will show you how you can use Trustedbookings to attract more customers by lowering a price if a reservation is made for more people at the same time.

What is Guests pricing?

Guests pricing is a feature helping you to encourage customers by lowering the price if a reservation is made for a certain number of guests.

For example:

The default price for a room in a dorm is 20 EUR per day.

You can define that the price decreases when a reservation is made for at least 4 people.The price per person will then be 18 EUR.

How do you set the Guests pricing?

Step 1 Go to the Menu bar, click on Manage and Rooms.


You will see your created list of rooms.

Step 2 Click  next to a room for which you want to set the progressive pricing. 

Step 3 Click on Pricing

You will see the following:

Step 4 Click on

Step 5 Specify for how many guests a reservations needs to be made, to qualify for a lower price. (In our example it is 3 guests)


Step 6 Specify a price (in our example if a reservation is made for 3 guests, the price goes down from 20 EUR to 18 EUR)

Step 7 Add more of these variation by repeating Step 4-6.

If you'd like to learn how you can charge customers if a booked room fits more people than the number of guests. Meaning how to charge for empty beds, click here.