In the previous articles we've shown you how you can set up discountsvouchers and special offers to make prices of your rooms more attractive. In this article we will show you how you can increase your prices if the demand is high so that you can drive even more revenue.

What is progressive pricing?

Progressive pricing is a feature that allows you to increase prices for certain room categories if the demand is high. I.e. the more beds of a particular room category are booked, the higher the price gets.

Let's show you an example

We have 24 beds in a Good Vibes Dorm. The default price is 20 EUR.

  1. When you decide that once one bed is booked the price rises by 1%. This means a second person who books a bed will pay 20,20 EUR for a day instead of 20 EUR. 
  2. If we decide that once two beds are booked (22 beds are left), the price increases by 2%. It means that the price for a bed will thereafter be 20,40 EUR.

How do you set a progressive pricing?

Step 1 Go to the Menu bar, click on Manage and Rooms


You will see a list of rooms you have created.

Step 2 Click  next to a room for which you want to set the progressive pricing. 

Step 3 Click on Pricing

You will see the following:

Step 4 Tick

Step 5 Click 

You will see beds which belong to a particular room category (in our example we have Good Vibes Dorm - we have created 4 rooms, with 6 beds each, so we have 24 beds in total). Select a number of beds which have to be free in order to apply the percentage you set in the next field. 

In our example:

We have decided that if there are only 20 beds left - 4 beds have been booked - the price for a room will rise by 10%.

Step 7 Click

In the next article we will explain what Guests Pricing means.