In the previous articles we have explained what different discounts you can set using Trustedbookings. In this article we will show you how you can change a price based on how many days a customer is staying in your location.

What is a duration discount? 

Duration discount is a way to reward a customer for staying longer in your location, i.e. the longer a customer stays, the lower is the price per day. 

To set a duration discount you need to: 

Step 1 Go to the Menu bar, click Manage and Locations.


Step 2 Choose a location for which you want to set a price. In our example, it will be Happy Surf Camp.

Step 3 Click

Step 4 Choose Advanced Settings

Step 5 Set the Duration Pricing and click Enable to activate your discount.

Let's show you how it works with an example:

A price for a room is 20 EUR

You can set a daily discount of 1% for each additional night a customer stays longer. E.g. when the customer books two nights, the first night will be the base price of 20 EUR. The second night will already have the discount applied, meaning the customer pays 19,80 EUR for the second night and in total 39,80 EUR instead of 40,00 EUR.

If you set the maximum discount to 10%, it means that after 10% of your base price, here 20 EUR, have been reached, no further discount is given for additional nights and the price remains on this last discounted rate. 

The price for 14 days would be like this:

1) 20,00 EUR

2) 19,80 EUR

3) 19,61 EUR

4) 19,41 EUR

5) 19,22 EUR

6) 19,03 EUR

7) 18,84 EUR

8) 18,65 EUR

9) 18,47 EUR

10) 18,29 EUR

11) 18,11 EUR

The 12th day would exceed the 10% maximum discount we have given, since 1% of 18,11 EUR would result to 17,93 EUR. Since we set the max discount the price will remain 18,11 EUR for each additional night exceeding our 11 day example here. Thus:

12) 18,11 EUR

13) 18,11 EUR

14) 18,11 EUR

Therewith, the discount for a 14-day stay will result into this price: 263,74 EUR, instead of  280,00 EUR for the customer. 

Step 6 Click

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