In the previous articles we have explained you what different discounts you can set using Trustedbookings platform. In this article we will show you how you can change a price based on how many days a customer is staying in your location.

What is a duration discount? 

Duration discount is a way to reward a customer for staying longer in your location, i.e. the longer a customer stays, the lower a price per day is. 

Let's have an example:

A price for a room is 20 EUR

You set a discount that for every day a customer is receiving a discount 1%. That means that for 2 days a customer will pay 39,8 EUR instead of 40 EUR.

If you set that a maximum discount is 10% it means, that after 10 days, no higher discount is applied. If a customer is staying 12 days, for the 12th day he will still receive a 10% discount.

The price for 11 days would be like that:

1st day - 20 EUR

2nd day - 19,8 EUR

3rd day - 19,40 EUR

4th day - 18,80 EUR

5th day - 18 EUR

6th day- 17,10 EUR

7th day - 16 EUR

8th day - 14,88 EUR

9th day - 13,84 EUR

10th day - 12,59 EUR

11th day - 11,33 EUR

12th day - 10,30 EUR

12-day stay = 192,04 EUR

To set a duration discount you need: 

Step 1 Go to the menu bar, click Manage and choose Locations.


Step 2 Choose a location for which you want to set a price. In our example, it will be Happy Surf Camp.

Step 3 Click

Step 4 Choose Advanced Settings

Step 5 Set a Duration Discount

Step 6 Click

If you want to learn how you can set other discounts, click here.