In the previous articles we have collected different conditions that can be applied in order to change the price. If you haven't read that yet, click here. In this article we will focus on pricing calendar and how you can change the price of a room depending on if it's low season or high season.

What is a pricing calendar?

Pricing calendar is a tool that allows you to change a price for a room depending on if it's high season or low season. If some months your location is closed, you can set that in the calendar too, so that customers that search for a room will see these dates as unavailable.

To set to a pricing calendar:

Step 1 Go to the menu bar, click Manage and choose Rooms.


Step 2 Choose a room for which you want to set a price. In our example, it will be Good Vibes Dorm in Happy Surf Camp.

Step 3 Click Pricing calendar

You will see a calendar for a year that you select. We have chosen 2018.

Step 4 Click Date range and select dates for which you want to change a price or block from showing up as available.

In our example we have chosen 1st January - 31st March.

Step 4

  • Click  if you want to change a price.

In our example we have change a price from 20 EUR to 15 EUR because we think January - March is a low season in our location. Choose a price that you would like to have and click  .

  • Click  if you want prevent particular dates from showing up. You can add a comment too if you'd like.

Confirm everything is correct and click .

  • Click  if you want to come back to default settings, so if you want to go back to the basic price or if you want to remove blockades. 

If you'd like to learn how you can change a price depending on how many days a customer stays in, click here