In the previous article you've learnt how you can edit a booking (to recap click here). In this article we will show you how you can confirm a payment for a booking. 

Step 1 Go to menu bar, click Bookings. 

You will see a list of bookings that have been made in your locations. 

Step 2 Choose a booking you want to edit and click a Booking Ref that is next to that booking.

You will see details of the booking. In our example, it looks like this:

Step 3 Click and choose Confirm payment.

Step 4 Fill in the details of the payment and click

You will see that details of the reservations have been changed Total to pay changed into Total Paid.

If a payment hasn't been made yet, and you'd like to remind your customer that the payment deadline is coming, you can use Trustedbookings to remind your customer about it. To find out how, click next article!