In the previous articles, you've learn how a staff member and agent can make bookings using backend office (to recap click here and here). In this article we will show you how travellers book their stay using Online Module.

Step 1 Select dates and number of guests

You can also perform a search using bed typ, bathroom, meal plan, price range or location as a criterium.

Once you provide your preferences, you will see a list of locations that fulfill the criteria.

Step 2 Choose your location and click Book now

Step 3 Add extras

Step 4 Confirm booking

Once you've added all the extras, click


Step 5 Provide payment details

Step 6 Provide additional guests' names (optional)

Step 7 Once you've added all the extras and provided all the information confirm that everything is correct and click Pay now 

Now you know how bookings are made, head over to the next article and find out where you can check a list of bookings.