In the previous article you've learnt 3 different ways how bookings can be made. In this article we will explain how a staff member can make a booking. To see a video showing you this process click here.

How can staff members make a booking?

Step 1 Go to the Menu and Bookings

If there are already some bookings made, you will see a list of the bookings. If you're going to make a first booking, you will see the following:

Step 2 Click

You will see the following:

Step 3 Choose your dates, number of guests and the Location (if you haven't added any location yet, make sure you firstly read the article about adding locations & rooms)

We are going to use the example of the HappySurf Camp which we have created for training purposes and that you will see in your account too.

Step 4 Choose a room which you want to book and click

In our example we will book GVD1 for 06.12.2017 - 13.12.2017.

Once you've clicked  you shall see on the left Booking details with a location you've just booked and on the right a room marked in red that has been booked.

Step 4 Adding guests

Go to Main guest section and click

You will see fields that you need to fill in with customer details. Once you've done that click  .

Once customer's details are added you will see:

Step 5 Adding other guests and extras

Last step is adding:

  • other guests (if a booking is made for more than one person - it's usually sufficient to have the name of one guest) 
  • rooms - if a reservation is made for a bigger group, e.g. 12 people and you need to reserve more than one room
  • products/transfers - if a guest requests extras (to read what extra services you can create on Trustedbooking, read here)
  • discounts - you can create a discount for a guest. To do that, simply click Edit icon - you shall see:

Choose a discount type you want to apply or a Voucher. Note that if you haven't created any vouchers yet, the list won't show options. 

To read how to create a voucher, head here.

To read more about how prices change when discounts/vouchers are applied, read here.

Step 6 Confirm & Confirm booking

Once you click Confirm you shall see:

You can add some comments, e.g. when a customer arrives late.

Click . You've just made a booking!

To learn how an agent makes a booking click here.