In the previous article you've learnt how to create a room and specify basic settings of a room. If you have other services that you'd like to offer to your customers who book rooms, you will find out how below. 

What type of extra service can I add using Trustedbookings?

We have created 4 categories of extra services that you can add to your offer:

1) Extras - e.g. board rental, bike rental

2) Meal Plans - specify what meals can be purchased in your location

3) Packages - e.g. sightseeing tours

4) Transfers - e.g. airport transfers

How do you add extra services?

1) Extras 

Step 1 Go to the Menu bar, click Manage and Extras

Step 2 You will see four categories of settings which you can specify. Let's take a look at them individually.

1) Details


  • Name - e.g. surf board rental
  • Rate - you can choose if a rate is calculated per day or per hour
  • Attached by default - you can attach an extra to a room, regardless the customer's choice
  • Experience - mark it if your extra is for instance a yoga class or any other immaterial thing
  • Description - a compelling description of extras is essential to convince a customer to buy it

2) Restrictions

  • At the Min and Max Guests fields you decide what's the minimum number of people who are needed to sell the extra to make it profitable for you. E.g. you offer a yoga class, but only if at least 4 people are interested. You can also add a number for a maximum attendance for your extra. Here in our yoga example it might be 10 people to not make it to crowded. New guests won't be able to join to this particular class.

  • At the Min and Max units field you can decide if one unit is either a day or an hour. A bike for example can be rented for min 1 hour and maximum 2 hours, if you want to rent a bike for 4 hours, it means that you need to book 2 units of an extra.

3) Associations & Pricing


  • Associations - you choose with which rooms an extra can be offered
  • Base Price - the set price a customer will be offered for an extra, if no further discounts are applied
  • Overrides base price - that's the discount you can give when an extra is booked for more people for example. Let's say that the Base Price for an extra is 20 EUR. In case it's booked for 3 people, it goes down to 15 EUR. In this scenario, you choose "at least 3" and then write 15

For a detailed article about Pricing click here

2) Meal plans

Step 1 Go to the Menu bar, click Manage and Meal Plans


Once you choose Meal Plans, you will see the following:

Step 2  Click

Step 3 Add a description of a Meal Plan

Now it's time to fill in the required fields:

  • Name - e.g. Healthy Vegan Breakfast
  • Abbreviation - e.g. HVB (first letters from Healthy Vegan Breakfast)
  • Price - the prices are shown in EUR
  • Associations - choose room categories that can be booked with a Meal Plan

3) Packages

Step 1 Go to the Menu bar, click Manage and Packages


Once you click Packages, you will see the following:

Step 2 Click

Step 3 Specify the details of a package

Now it's the time to fill in the fields

  • Name - e.g. a cruise trip
  • Price - all prices are shown in EUR
  • Minimum stay - the minimum number of days a guest has to stay in a resort to qualify for a package
  • Attached by default - if you tick the box, it means that a customer who books a room and qualifies for a package will get the package, regardless if he wishes to have it or not
  • Experience - tick it, in case your package is immaterial
  • Description - a compelling description of a package is essential to convince a customer to buy it
  • Associations - choose rooms that you want your package to be offered with

4) Transfers

Step 1 Go to the Menu bar, click Manage and Transfers

You will see the following:

Step 2 Click

Step 3 Edit details of a transfer

There are 3 categories of settings that you can edit. Let's take a look at them separately.

1) Details

  • Name - e.g. Lisbon Airport Transfer
  • Direction - you can choose between inbound or outbound
  • Description - you can explain what a transfer is going to look like, e.g. our driver will wait for you at the airport with a cardboard with your name written on it

2) Associations - choose rooms in which guests can request a transfer

3) Pricing - you can vary a price depending on how many people order a transfer

4) Advanced Settings 

  • Tick Complimentary if you want that a guest makes a request for a transfer first
  • Min nights - specify the minimum stay for a customer to qualify for a transfer
  • Add Transfer bookings by default - specify if you want to have all the bookings to go with a transfer, regardless if a customer wishes that or not

To learn more about bookings head here.