In the previous article you've learnt what types of rooms you can set up on Trustedbookings (if you haven't read it yet, click here). In this article you will learn how you can add a room. If you'd like to see a video on adding rooms click here.

To add a room you need to:

Step 1 Go to the menu bar, click Manage and Rooms. 


Once you click on Rooms, you will see a dashboard with rooms that we have already created for training purposes.

Step 2 Add new rooms

To add a room, simply click

Step 3 Specify basic details of a room

Once you click the button you will see different categories of settings that you can specify. Let's have a look at them separately

1) General details of a room


  • a) Location - this field refers to a location that you want your room to be associated with, i.e. where your room is.

Depending on how many Locations you've created (if you want to recap how to create locations, click here), you will see different options to choose from. In our example we have Happy Surf Camp as a Location.

  • b) Room type - you can choose from a private or shared one (if you want to recap what types of rooms you can create on our platform, click here )

  • c) That's where you define a name for a category for your rooms you are creating right now, e.g. Happy Females Dorm, Deluxe Apartment etc.

  • d) Abbreviation - this field is not required in order to create a room, but it's very useful when it comes to managing your resort

  • e) Capacity - here you specify for how many people a room is going to be, for instance a single room, double room, dorm etc.

  • f) Pending Bookings - if you enable pending bookings, it means a room can still be booked, even if it's not available. A reservation will be made and the customer will receive an email with a "Counter Offer", saying that other rooms are available or that this rooms is available on other days 

2) Base pricing


  • a) Setting a price -  A price which you set here is the price that a customer will pay if no other conditions are applied (i.e. the room is not booked in high season, there's no discount etc.). To read a comprehensive article about pricing head here

  • b) Minimum and Maximum nights - you specify the minimal and maximum time-frame for which a room can be booked

  • c) Arrival days - you tick the days a person, who wants to book a room can arrive (e.g. if you specify that a guest can't arrive on Mondays for a certain room, the room will be shown as unavailable.)

  • d) Departure days - you tick the days a person, who wants to book a room can depart (e.g. if you specify that a guest can't depart on Mondays for a certain room, the room will be shown as unavailable.)

3) Properties & Description

In the Properties section you can specify bed types, bathroom types, if smoking is allowed as well as the room view. You can create as many configurations as you like (e.g. you can click that a room has all 4 types of beds. It will then be up to the customer to decide what type of a bed he wants to have in the room)

Writing a compelling description of a room is important as this is what a customer will see when browsing through your rooms.

Step 4 Create rooms

Once you've specified all the details of the rooms, click


This way you have created a category of rooms.

To add inventory, go to the Rooms section, choose a name of a room, e.g. HFD 1 (HFD is an abbreviation of Happy Female Dorm and 1 would be a number or a room, in case you have more than one dorm in your inventory) and click Add Room.

If you have 3 rooms - Happy Female Dorms, your list of rooms will look like this: 

To learn how you can specify details of a room, click here.