In the previous article you've learnt how to add a location. If you haven't read that yet, make sure you see this article first. Here you will learn how you specify details of a location, such as images, terms & conditions and general pricing for a location. If you'd like to see a video on adding locations click here.

To edit your location, you need to:

Step 1 Go to the Menu bar, click Manage and Locations.


Step 2 Choose a location you want to edit.

Once you click Locations, you will see all of the locations you've created plus the HappySurf Camp (a location we've created for the training purposes). Click on a location you want to edit.

Step 3 Choose settings you want to edit and click

Once you select a location, you will see a list of settings that you can edit.

1. Location details -  these are the details that you set when you created a location, if you want to edit them, you do it here:

2. Map - it's an interactive way to show where your location is. Simply point your location on the map and click

3. Images - the image you will add will show up on a confirmation email that your customer receives, once a reservation has been made. To add an image simply click  and choose a picture you want to upload.

4. Terms & Conditions - this is where conditions regarding payments and transactions are explained. Once we've created your account, we will send you a template with Terms & Conditions. Depending on whether we process payments for you or not, the template will be editable fully or just partially.

To add Terms & Conditions, paste the template we have provided and click

If you haven't received your Terms & Conditions template, email us at

5. Advanced Settings

In this section you will be able to:

1) Specify how you want to set prices in your location - choose if you want a price per guest or per room

2) Cancellation rules 

a) you can decide how many days in advance your guests must notify you that they want to cancel their reservations

b) you set a % for a reservation that customers must pay in case they cancel their reservations

3) Deposit Settings

Please remember: if Trustedbookings processes payments for you, you won't be able to enable a deposit. In case a customer makes a reservation, he pays 100% upfront.


If Trustedbookings doesn't process payments for you, you can decide if your guests should pay a deposit. If you do so, it means that at a certain time (you specify that in the field Due), they will need to pay the amount, which is specified in Type and Value (you can choose between a percentage or a fixed value).

4) Duration Pricing

A duration discount is a discount you give to your customers as a reward for staying longer in your location. It means, that the longer they stay, the less they pay per day. You decide the value in Daily Discount. In Max Discount you set the maximum discount, which can be received.

Also see the Pricing structure and how different discounts work -  here.

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