In the previous article you've learnt how to set up and configure your main account. Here you will learn how to create locations. If you'd like to see a video on adding locations click here.

For creating and adding locations we recommend you use your Master Account.

Adding Locations is an essential step in getting started using your Trustedbookings platform (to recap all steps in setting up your account read here).

To add a Location, do the following:

Step 1 Go to the Menu Bar, click Manage 


Step 2 Adding new locations

Before you add Locations, your dashboard will look like this: 

Happy Surf Camp and HappyPeople are locations that we've created for training purposes and that you will see in your account too, once you get access to it.

To add a new location click


Step 3 Filling in details of a location

The last step is to fill in the required fields with your location details and click . Your location has been created! 

To see how you can edit other settings of your Location, please see the next article!