Welcome to Trustedbookings, a platform that will help you manage your resorts, reservations, payments and communication with your customers.

A. Components of Trustedbookings platform

1. The Backend office 


You, your staff or any other person you authorize will use.


  • Add and specify your offer (i.e. add all the resorts you have along with the rooms and any other services that you can sell to your customers)
  • Manage your bookings and payments
  • See reports
  • Authorize other people to use the Trustedbookings platform


On the top bar menu you have two sections:
On the left you can find the overview of your organisation including Dashboard, bookings, payments, customers, transfers, reports. 

On the left you can find an area to manage your organisation, including your bookings, your offers, your account, payment and user settings.

2. The Online Module


Your customers. 


It automatically exposes your offer every locations,  room you set up

Travellers interested in staying in your resort can perform a general search and see what’s your offer. They can also select their preferences and see if you have something that they like.

B. Training method

For the purpose of our Knowledge Base Section, we've created a HappySurf Camp as example, which we are going to use in our FAQ articles. To make your training easier, we gave you access to the HappySurf Camp when we created your account. Please note that the HappySurf Camp is not a real resort and it has been created just for training purposes.

C. Steps to manage your site

1. Set up the location

In order to set up your resort you will need to add Locations to the Trustedbookings platform, i.e. list all of the places where you have your surf camps/hotels/hostels etc. For example, if you have resorts in Portugal, Spain and South Africa you will create three locations for these countries.

2. Set up the rooms
You can create the rooms 

3. Set up the prices, discounts, special offers

4. Set up users

The email you've given to us has been used to create a Master account. An owner of this email address can set up everything in the platform, receives every bit of communication that is sent to this email address - simply own everything within your Trustedbookings platform.

An owner of this account can also authorise other people, like staff or agents, to use the platform. People that have been given access to the Trustedbookings platform are called Users.

You can create users with different permissions who's role you can reflect in your company (for instance accountants will manage payments, receptionists will manage only rooms) or reflect geographical location they work in (for instance, if you have resorts set up in three locations - Portugal, Spain and South Africa - a user who works in Portugal, will only be able to manage the resort in Portugal.

5.Set payments and invoices.

You can manage payments for the reservations much faster and easier. Remember that it is important to set up Locations correctly as every invoice will be associated with a Location that you created. A payment will go to the bank account associated with that Location eventually.