In this article you will learn how you can control which rooms your agents can sell - i.e. how to give them different permissions. We are going to show you how to change permissions in general and what permission setup is advisable. If you'd like to see a video on editing agent's permissions click here.

Step 1 Go to the Menu bar, click Manage and select users from the drop down list. 


Step 2 Choose the user whose permissions you want to edit and click

Step 3 Click Permissions

You will see a list of general activities you can authorize your user to perform as well as all the resorts you own (in our example it is Happy Surf Camp). 

You can:

1) Restrict - it means an agent won't see a particular activity on his Trusted Bookings platform

2) Read - it means an agent will be able to see results of a particular activity but won't be 

Step 4 Choose a resort, where you want an agent to sell rooms in (in this example Happy Surf Camp) and click Manage.

Step 5 On the left side below Account, click the name the resort (in this example Happy Surf Camp)


You will see a list of activities related to your resort. 

What permissions setup is advisable?

1. In the menu bar Bookings choose Own only - it means that an agent will be only able to see bookings that he has made, bookings that have been made via Online Sales Module or other staff members won't be visible to an agent.

2. Choose the rooms you want your agent to be authorised to sell. 

Authorising agents to sell rooms means both you and an agent can sell a room (depending who is faster).

In this example you have 4 rooms of the same category - GVD. We recommend authorising an agent to sell last rooms (eg GVD 4 not GVD 1). 


When rooms are booked, first rooms that disappear from the inventory are rooms with number 1, then 2 etc. If rooms are popular and you will set in permissions, that first 3 rooms can be only sold by you, and the last by an agent too, it means that if you are faster in selling your rooms, you will have sold all 4 rooms and will save on a commission that you owe to an agent!

3. In the list of all activities that a user can perform choose Rooms - Manage.

Once you selected the rooms you authorise your agent to sell, go to Rooms Section and click Manage. This way an agent will be able to manage the reservations of rooms he is authorised to manage. 

Step 4 Click 

Next step is to learn how bookings are made. Click here to read more.