In this article you will learn how you can specify what staff members you've added to your Trustedbookings platform will be able to do. If you'd like to see a video on adjusting staff permissions click here.

There are two types of permissions that you can apply

1) permissions referring to the type of tasks they perform at their work (e.g. an accountant will have access to payments sections, a receptionist will have access to reservations etc.)

2) permissions reflecting a geographical location they work at (for instance if you have resorts in two countries - Portugal and Spain, and you'd like to edit permissions for staff employed in Portugal, you can specify that by choosing the resort in Portugal only)

Step 1 Go to the Menu bar, click Manage and Users 


Step 2 Choose the user whose permissions you want to edit and click

Step 3 Click Permissions

Step 4 Choose activities you want your staff member to be able to perform within Trustedbookings.

There are 3 ways you can control what your staff member can do:

1) Restrict - it means your staff member won't see a particular field at all

2) Read - it means that your staff member will be able to see certain fields but won't be able to make changes

3) Manage - it means that your staff member has full access to a certain field and can apply changes

Permissions that you've given:

A dashboard of a staff member who has been given the permissions:

To learn how you can adjust permissions for an agent click here.