In the previous article you've learnt how to change your password and what to do if you can't log in (want to refresh your memory? Click here). In this article you will learn how you can specify other setting of your account.

Once you get your account created, you can customize it by adding your logo and online header.

To do that, simply head to the Menu Bar and choose Account and Settings. 


You will see:

1) Your brand name for which the account has been created

2) Time zone - you can change it depending on where you are based 

3) Logo - to set your logo, simply upload a picture

4) Online Header - it is something that will be visible on the Online Module, see example below:

Setting Online Header in the backend office, which is visible via the Online Sales Module to customers: 


Once you've specified your account, it's time to start setting your Location and Rooms. Click here to find out how!