If you haven't read Introduction to Trustedbookings yet, make sure you read it first. You will find a description of the terminology that we use on Trustedbookings as well as a quick description of what you can do on the platform. To read it, click here.

Once we've created an account for you, you will receive a Welcome email with your log in details and URL to your Trustedbookings platform. Click the URL link and use your email address as a username and password that we have sent through. This is a one time password once you've provide it, you will be asked to set a new password. This password will be known only to you and you can change it anytime. (How? Read the next article!)

Please remember, that the account that we have created for you is a Master Account, which means that an owner of this account can do everything on the platform, receives every bit of communication and can also authorise other people to use Trustedbookings . To learn how to give access to your Trustedbookings platform, click here.

Having troubles with logging in? Please reach out to info@5gates.com

If you want to learn how to change your password click here.